Friday, August 8, 2014

Work Folders

SPACE!! If I could JUST get a little more space in my classroom I would be in heaven! Actually, I'm pretty sure I would fill that space with more stuff and then beg for even more space :) Anyways, I'm always looking for ways to save space, mainly at my students' desk. I use chair pockets, and there is a limited amount of storage in those suckers. (I LOVE chair pockets and can't imagine classroom life without them.) So last year I tried a work folder. It went really well, but by the end of the year they became ripped, torn, and full of random papers. I just needed a better way.

This year I went to Office Depot and bought a class set of WHITE plastic folders. I like the white idea because they are different and will be easy to spot in the classroom. 

I've also decided to divide the folder into "math" and "reading". I'm honestly not sure how this will work. It will DEFINITELY require me to have a time every Friday to clean out the folders instead of at the end of each month. I'm so curious and excited to try it out this year! 

I'm toying with making this a home folder as well so parents can see their child's work in progress…but I also don't want to lose these folders (you all know how that goes!) SO I might have this folder and then a Friday folder where they take everything home at the end of the week (I use class dojo for behavior so I don't need to sign a folder at the end of each day). We'll see how it all goes and I will update you guys with my plan! 

Sorry for the sideways picture, but I cannot for the life of me find where to rotate it! I've been out of the blogging loop way too long my friends! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Word Form Reference Page FREEBIE

Hello friends! I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer so far! I was going through files on my computer a while ago and came across a word form page I made for my kiddos last year. I made it very quickly when I was annoyed tired of writing "eight" on the board for the umpteenth time! :) I thought some of you might be able to use it, too. If it can save one teacher from writing numbers in word form a bajillion times…it's worth it! I have my students cut around the border and glue it into their math notebooks. You can click on the picture to get this for FREE.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

For My Firstie Texas Friends!

Just wanted to drop a note I have completed the TEKS posters for first grade this past week! They are upgraded to the 2012 Math TEKS revision.

The posters are available in my TpT store. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Second Grade TEKS

I just wanted to let all my second grade teachers know I have bundled all the TEKs/objectives posters for reading, math, science, writing, and social studies. They are available in my TpT store! Click on the picture for a link to the file.


From this...

To this...

I've been SO BUSY I haven't even had a chance to show you guys my room! These were taken the week before school started. There is a little less clutter now, but all the caddies and lockers are full! I feel like I'm just now getting a feel for my kiddos and I have some great kids! I'm looking forward to an awesome year. I've already started district testing and have 2 more tests to get through before I can breathe a little bit and focus 100% on teaching. I always dread the beginning of the year with the testing, trainings, and more testing! Can I get an amen?!?! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Absent Work Folders-Chevron Backgrounds

Hello friends! I wanted to let you know I have made a set of Absent Folders with Chevron Backgrounds for those of you interested. I LOVE LOVE LOVE using Absent Folders in my classroom.There are 7 different color chevron backgrounds to choose from. Click on the picture to take you to them in my store:) 

 Below is an old post of how I use Absent Folders in my room:

 I spent a long time trying to come up with an easy system when my kids were absent. I feel like I tried everything, and I STILL had a hard time getting work turned in! SO I finally got smart, and created Absent Folders! I'm sure this isn't a new concept to anyone, but it made me so happy to discover them! When a kiddo is absent, the Absent Folder (along with the Absent Work page) is place on their desk. It stays there all day long so any papers I pass out make it in there. When the student returns, they simply take out all the work in the Absent Folder and return the folder to me. 
I made these pages that are glued on top of regular file folders.

Here is a picture of the folder in use on a student's desk! 
Here is a preview of the Absent Work page. This is where all the assignments are written down, and the parent is expected to sign it! 

   All of my kids have classroom jobs, and one job is for a person to put Absent Folders on desks, and fill out the Absent Work page. If more than two kids are absent in one day, I will help that person fill out the Absent Work pages. I've placed copies of my absent work file in my TPT store here. You can get a copy of 8 different file folder covers and the Absent Work page. This is a preview below of the pages! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I'm lacking some SERIOUS motivation, y'all!

All I want to do is this:

And these two amazing kiddos are definitely an awesome distraction:

Then I'm spending any time off on a lunch date/ movie date/ shopping date with this handsome fella:

(excuse the weirdo faces)

So needless to say I've been a little distracted:) I feel like I'm getting all the "summer" out of my system and I'm wandering back to my computer files to create/edit/upgrade units! I'm in the process of working on a communities hopefully it won't be TOO much longer before I get it finished.

OH and one big thing that HAS been on my mind a teeny weeny bit is my classroom theme next year....I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon with the chevron and polka dots! I'm SUPER excited. I'll probably head to Hobby Lobby soon so I can start browsing fabric and other fun things:) I'm seeing some really cute things on Really Good Stuff that have caught my eye...but I'm trying to decide if it's worth the expense. My room is mostly decorated with primary colors, but I'm really wanting to move into a brighter color scheme. I'll just have to do some more thinking on that one. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is something I was introduced to this year. As I said before, I had a REALLY difficult group of kiddos and I felt like my behavior chart just wasn't working. Some years the behavior chart is perfect and produces incredible classroom management. Other years, you need to up your game a little bit:)

I actually heard about Class Dojo from my mom who is also a teacher. Someone told her about it at a training, and she called me one night to let me know what she learned. She knew I was struggling with behavior and I needed something new. After listening and doing some research, I decided to IMMEDIATELY begin Class Dojo in my classroom. So, what is it you ask?

Class Dojo is an online FREE classroom behavior management system. It is based on a point system where students can earn 'positives' and 'negatives.' The amazing thing about it, is that YOU as the teacher can create your own rewards/consequences for students to earn.  Below you can see what your class page will look like.

When I saw a student doing something great, I would let them know they could get a 'positive.' They simply walked up to the computer and gave themselves a point. Another GREAT thing is Class Dojo also has an App, so I could carry my iPad with me EVERYWHERE to let students know they were always earning positives and negatives.  Parents can even download the app to their phones to see their child's behavior each day!

Another great thing about Class Dojo? It AUTOMATICALLY generates a behavior report that is sent to parent's email every Friday.  I didn't have to do a thing. All of my parents participated, and I honestly saw a huge change in several of my kids. I know many of them appreciated getting a report to their email instead of signing a folder every night. If their child received more than 3 negatives in one day, I sent a note home. 

You can create rewards and consequences for your kiddos based on their positives/negatives. I initially gave every student the same Avatar (or monster picture) next to their name. Every time they got 15 positive points, they could change their avatar to whatever they wanted. It was a GREAT motivator (and free for me!). If there was red next to their name (as in WAY too many negatives) they did not get recess that day. That was also a great motivator for my kids to keep those positive points going. 

I know there are also several pinterest boards where teachers have made up different rewards and consequences for earning positives and negatives. If you type in "Class Dojo" in the search box, I'm sure you will see plenty of boards. 

I hope that wasn't too confusing because it really is worth your time to check out! My entire team decided this is the behavior management system we want to use next year. If you want to look at it, click on the avatar below and it will take you to their website!