Friday, August 8, 2014

Work Folders

SPACE!! If I could JUST get a little more space in my classroom I would be in heaven! Actually, I'm pretty sure I would fill that space with more stuff and then beg for even more space :) Anyways, I'm always looking for ways to save space, mainly at my students' desk. I use chair pockets, and there is a limited amount of storage in those suckers. (I LOVE chair pockets and can't imagine classroom life without them.) So last year I tried a work folder. It went really well, but by the end of the year they became ripped, torn, and full of random papers. I just needed a better way.

This year I went to Office Depot and bought a class set of WHITE plastic folders. I like the white idea because they are different and will be easy to spot in the classroom. 

I've also decided to divide the folder into "math" and "reading". I'm honestly not sure how this will work. It will DEFINITELY require me to have a time every Friday to clean out the folders instead of at the end of each month. I'm so curious and excited to try it out this year! 

I'm toying with making this a home folder as well so parents can see their child's work in progress…but I also don't want to lose these folders (you all know how that goes!) SO I might have this folder and then a Friday folder where they take everything home at the end of the week (I use class dojo for behavior so I don't need to sign a folder at the end of each day). We'll see how it all goes and I will update you guys with my plan! 

Sorry for the sideways picture, but I cannot for the life of me find where to rotate it! I've been out of the blogging loop way too long my friends! 

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la said...

really superb ideas. Wanted to know where did you get those math and reading labels? I really like it for the younger ones as the upper case really pops. they can also view kids like themselves holding the uppercase of the subject.