Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Absent Folders

   I spent a long time trying to come up with an easy system when my kids were absent. I feel like I tried everything, and I STILL had a hard time getting work turned in! SO I finally got smart, and created Absent Folders! I'm sure this isn't a new concept to anyone, but it made me so happy to discover them! When a kiddo is absent, the Absent Folder (along with the Absent Work page) is place on their desk. It stays there all day long so any papers I pass out make it in there. When the student returns, they simply take out all the work in the Absent Folder and return the folder to me. 
I made these pages that are glued on top of regular file folders.

Here is a picture of the folder in use on a student's desk! 
Here is a preview of the Absent Work page. This is where all the assignments are written down, and the parent is expected to sign it! 

   All of my kids have classroom jobs, and one job is for a person to put Absent Folders on desks, and fill out the Absent Work page. If more than two kids are absent in one day, I will help that person fill out the Absent Work pages. I've placed copies of my absent work file in my TPT store here. You can get a copy of 8 different file folder covers and the Absent Work page. This is a preview below of the pages! 



Wanda said...

I am very excited about purchasing this! Keeping up with work from student absences is one of my biggest challenges. Thanks for making it easier!

Kody and Corby Brooks said...

Great idea! Love the file folder covers! When I go back to teaching, I may hit you up for these! :-)