Monday, February 27, 2012

Beanbag Toss Measurement Activity

This year, our winter has seemed much more like spring! The weather has been beautiful all throughout January and February with a few cold fronts in between. Last week, the weather was so nice, I took advantage of it and brought my kids outside for a measurement activity. This is actually an activity I mention in my Lucky Lengths packet here.

I borrowed beanbags from the gym, quickly typed up a recording page, gathered up clipboards, rulers, pencils, and headed outside! The kids had to find a partner, toss the beanbag, estimate the distance it was thrown, measure the actual distance, and then find the difference between the two measurements! They rotated who tossed (I stressed the word "tossed") the beanbag, and they both had to help measure the distance. I told them their goal was to have a smaller number between their estimate and actual length each time. The kids had an absolute blast, and it led to a lot of great conversations when we got back to the classroom. I had them write about their experience and conclusions on a sheet of paper when we finished!

Here is a link to the recording page for the kids to write down their measurements.

Here are my kids completing the activity. Sorry for the blurry faces, but it's the easiest way for me to wipe out their faces for privacy! 

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