Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reading Workshop Rotation

*** Update: You can now buy my rotation board here! I hope you enjoy it!

Last week, I decided to begin a rotation schedule with my reading workshop. My kids were dying for a change, and to be was I. Our regular reading workshop consists of the kids reading independently for 45 minutes while I pulled them individually throughout that time. I have to admit that I am TERRIBLE at pulling small groups. I've always enjoyed working with them one-on-one, but I'm seeing that I need to meet with them in groups. First of all, it will help me reach more of them throughout the week, it will give them support in each other, and it gives all of us more accountability!

I know a lot of people use the Daily 5, and I guess this is just my own version of that. I like the rotation because it ensures that I will see every student at least once every single day. So here is how it works: 

This is the rotation board. I got the idea from Clutter-Free Classroom's Math Workshop rotation board. I purchased this last summer, and LOVE it! It is so easy to follow, and the kids can see where they are supposed to be at any time. You can find a link to that board here. Anyways, with that as an inspiration, I created this reading workshop board with the acronym R.E.A.D. Students are divided into 4 groups that rotate to different stations for 15-20 minutes. 

 R=response, E=engage, A-at my seat D=discuss with my teacher

RESPOND. At this station, students are responding to books they read during their independent reading time. I created 8 different reading response pages for the kids to choose from. They must complete 5 worksheets per week, but if they choose to do more they will get extra credit for those pages.  You can find the pages I use here in my TPT store. 

ENGAGE. Students are working at the computer. They are listening to books on and starfall. This is also a time when they can take an AR test.                                                

AT MY SEAT. The kids are working with their book buddy. I chose not to have this as an independent reading time, because I know some of my kiddos would have a REALLY hard time staying on task if everyone else in the room was talking or on the computer.  This is a time they meet with their book buddy to discuss their book, or read together.

DISCUSS WITH MY TEACHER. I'm hoping this is an obvious station:) I'm meeting with the group. They come to me immediately after they have finished a reading response page, so I'm able to go over that with them. I'm also able to check in on them and the progress they are making as book buddies. I'm hoping to start reinforcing specific skills during this time beginning next week!


Catherine Wharton said...

Hi Katy,
I have just discovered your blog!! Im 7 months off becoming a teacher in Australia and your blog has inspired me SOOOO much!! Question what is the name of the font you use in your reading rotations? That is such a wonderful idea by the way!!!
Thanks, Catherine :)

stickers and staples said...

Hi Catherine!

I'm so glad you found my blog, and that you have found it helpful! It's always nice to hear I'm doing something right! haha.

Fonts-If you look on the right side of my blog where it says Free Handwriting Fonts, you can click on it and it will take you to where I got my fonts! The ones on the Reading Workshop Rotation are Elephants in Cherry Trees and Smiley Monster! Hope that helps you:)

Jessie said...

I love the organization of your reader's workshop! I teach 3rd grade too. Come by my blog and check it out!

Look Who's Teaching

Deniece Frideley said...

Kathy, I teach 3rd grade reading in TX too! Are you departmentalized? I have 3 classes and see each one about 100 min per day. One is broken into 2 sections due to lunch/specials. I couldn't do 4 rotations in a day, maybe 1 - 2. I like the idea of your board!! I'm debating if it would work for me, though. What do you think? How do your kids know which group they are in? Are the groups flexible? What does your schedule look like for Reading? When do students do independent reading?


stickers and staples said...

Hi Deniece! No, I'm not departmentalized. I'm self-contained which is a challenge and blessing at different times! The challenge is teaching all the different subjects effectively, and the blessing is the flexibility in my schedule! If we need that extra 20 minutes for reading, we can take it:)

About the board-I think you could do it any way that works for you! Even one rotation a day would guarantee you would see every student at least once a week in a smaller setting! Two rotations would even work, and then you could do two more the following day. Some days I could only squeeze in 10 minute rotations, and we made it work! It was beneficial for me to see those kids for 10 minutes rather than nothing at all.

The kids know what group they are in from a sticky note I stick on the board. Under each of those stars is where I put the stickies. The groups are definitely flexible, and all I have to do is move the stickies around! I would mix up groups depending on what skill we were working on that week.

My kids had independent reading in the morning for about 30 minutes. We had specials first thing in the morning, so as soon as they came back in the room, they knew they had to grab their book boxes and start reading. Sometimes I would pull kids during that time, but I really wanted everyone to be reading without interruptions! As soon as they were done reading, I did a quick mini lesson, and then we would rotate. Some days my lesson was long, so we didn't have rotations. It's really just flexible to what you want to do! Some weeks I made sure we rotated MWF with a full lesson/practice on TTH. So anything you decide to will work! It's just important that you like it, and it works for you.

Sorry this is so long, but I hope it helps you!! Let me know if you have any other questions!! -katy

Deniece Frideley said...

I made a rotation sheet, I'd love for you to look over it & give me feedback. Could you email me your email address?