Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reading Response Booklets

Does anyone ask their kids to respond to their reading? Does anyone think it's a PAIN keeping up with all those loose papers? ME!! My kids have such a hard time keeping up with their reading response pages this year. I could almost label it a disaster! They are losing pages, not doing what they should, not completing the assignment, etc.

If you look at my last post, I showed you these word work centers we have been using. I have LOVED having the word work booklets to go with the centers because it keeps all their work in one place. SOOOO I took that idea and made reading response booklets! I just debuted them in my classroom last week, and they have definitely been a hit so far!

I have been really happy with the change! My kids fill out one response each day after their independent reading. I made 20 different responses so it will take up around 4 weeks. (I say 'around' since we all know some days just never go as we plan!)

If you are interested in this for your classroom, you can click on the pictures which will take you directly to my store! Thanks! 

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