Monday, June 10, 2013

A Little Moment of Honesty...

It was a horrible terrible no good very BAD year for me.

I jumped into a new grade level which I had NO IDEA would be so difficult. It felt like I was back in my first year of teaching. Late nights, tons of questions, always one step behind, etc.

I ended up with so many students in my classroom there was no where for anyone to sit. (I literally got 2 new students 2 weeks before school ended) We were tripping all over each other. Testing all of them individually was definitely an overwhelming task!

I decided around February that I was "done" with my classroom theme, my classroom set-up, my organizational skills. I became one of THOSE. Papers piled on top of papers. I would look everywhere for that ONE piece of paper that was due 2 days ago.

There were about 8 pairs of scissors on my table because no one knew who they belonged to. (I don't even want to talk about pencils, crayons, markers) I banished my students from our classroom library because I had to throw away so many damaged books.

I had another adult/aid/teacher's assistant in my room to help monitor a student in my class who was every form of the word DIFFICULT. He could not be alone for 2 seconds. I'm not kidding.

SO that pretty much sums of my lack of blogging motivation. I.was.done. I was so overwhelmed at work that all I did at night was sit on the couch and watch t.v. (this did not help the waistline my friends!) Thinking about school made me cringe.

We've all had years like this, right? I can only think of one other year that was like this one. It almost feels like I had to pay my dues to the "Horrible School Year Club." Membership fee is a good dose of craziness!

Anyways...all that to say I am SOOOOO excited about summer. One of the ABSOLUTE amazing things about our profession is that we get a fresh start every single year. I'm hopeful next year will be outstanding. I'm looking forward to loving on this little blog more, and hopefully I will be able to share ideas and lessons learned from last year. It's time to stand up, dust myself off, put on a little lipstick and move on! Please forgive my's to new beginnings...and I'll see you soon!


4321Teach said...

Some years are like that. It's something no one wants to talk about when they are "in" it, just once it's over! I had some similar issues, and there is joy in starting over every year.

Happy summer!

Elizabeth Supan said...

Mama said that some years are like that, even in Australia. Here's to a great, restful summer and a new beginning next year :)
Fun in Room 4B

Heather Temske said...

I'm sorry to hear it was such a struggle. Here's to new beginnings. It is a great cycle in teaching.

room 4 imagination

stickers and staples said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I'm excited for a fresh start:)

ThinkWonder Teach said...

Sending you a giant hug and prayers for a much better year ahead!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Anonymous said...

Been there!!! Its hard to get up and go to work those years and hard to keep motivated, let alone bee positive. But as with every difficult situation, I am sure you learned from it. Now you will be able to help someone else in your shoes. Do what sounds good to you this summer. Relax, sleep, do things you have been meaning to do, that are fun, of course.

luckeyfrog said...

Props to you for being honest. Some years are just TOUGH, especially with all the outside stuff affecting education right now! I hope you get a rejuvenating, relaxing summer and that next year goes super smoothly for you! :)

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad