Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I'm lacking some SERIOUS motivation, y'all!

All I want to do is this:

And these two amazing kiddos are definitely an awesome distraction:

Then I'm spending any time off on a lunch date/ movie date/ shopping date with this handsome fella:

(excuse the weirdo faces)

So needless to say I've been a little distracted:) I feel like I'm getting all the "summer" out of my system and I'm wandering back to my computer files to create/edit/upgrade units! I'm in the process of working on a communities hopefully it won't be TOO much longer before I get it finished.

OH and one big thing that HAS been on my mind a teeny weeny bit is my classroom theme next year....I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon with the chevron and polka dots! I'm SUPER excited. I'll probably head to Hobby Lobby soon so I can start browsing fabric and other fun things:) I'm seeing some really cute things on Really Good Stuff that have caught my eye...but I'm trying to decide if it's worth the expense. My room is mostly decorated with primary colors, but I'm really wanting to move into a brighter color scheme. I'll just have to do some more thinking on that one. 

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