Monday, July 23, 2012

Dollar It Up!!

Have you seen this floating around? I laugh out loud because THAT'S ME!!! Target got me again tonight! I went in with my family to pick up groceries for the week and happened to walk by the dollar spot...

**Must apologize for these pictures. Our "nice" camera is broken, and I was too excited about my purchases to wait, so I used the trusty iPhone!

These dry-erase boards are perfect for my classroom store! 

A pocket chart!! Definitely not the quality you would find at Lakeshore, but STILL!

How cute is this?! Going in the store.

Batman and Avengers pencils for the boys

My kids are always needing to borrow erasers (especially April-May) so I bought these so "my" erasers would be easy to spot! 

Sorry for this horrible picture, there was a terrible glare! Whiteboards with lines! 

More bins, but they have 4 equal-sized compartments. Perfect for pencils/markers.

More cute erasers!

I also got some Dr. Seuss pencils. They have lesson plan books, grade books, more boxes, erasers, magnets, etc. I might have to go back...luckily my husband was super sweet to walk around with the kids while I browsed, but I didn't' want to push my luck:)

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