Sunday, August 5, 2012

Place Value Olympics!!

I am crazy about the Olympics! Whenever the Olympics are on, you will always know where to find me and my husband....on our couch!! There is not an athletic bone in my body, but I love watching these athletes fulfill their lifelong dreams! Most nights I'm bawling my eyes out in celebration for these people who sacrifice so much for that one special moment!! I just love it!

So while sitting on the couch one day, I decided I MUST create something with an Olympics theme! The first thing that came to my mind was place value. I probably thought of this first because it is usually the first thing I teach, and I thought my kiddos would have the Olympics fresh on their minds!

Sorry these pictures don't have a border around them! I'm not quite sure how to fix that on blogger! 

It is full of activities working through the hundred thousands. It covers expanded form, standard form, word form, comparing numbers, and ordering numbers! These are the posters and sport theme for each one: 

I chose an archery theme for expanded form! The idea is for the kids to "pull back" on the bow to pull apart the number.

 Standard form has a swimming/kayak theme

Word form has a cycling theme

Comparing Numbers has a gymnastics theme

Ordering Numbers has a tennis theme

I'm SO happy with this packet, and I know it's going to be really fun for my kiddos in about a month or so (I can't believe we go back so soon! ah!). I also made a point NOT to make this packet specific to the London Olympics, so it can be used over and over again. I'll even use it next year for a fun Olympics theme:) Here are some of the things in the packet:

Place Value Chart with swimming lanes

This is a class game where the teacher will call out what number belongs in which box (value).

There are several worksheets throughout the packet (at least one for each category). Most of them are with expanded form.

I Have, Who Has game for Word Form

Ordering Numbers practice

In this game, students will each get a card with a number on it. They can tape it to their shirts, or just hold it in their hand. They will order themselves least to greatest or greatest to least! You can switch around the cards each time so students will have a different number each time. 

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