Monday, July 30, 2012

Door Signs-Pirate Theme

I had my first training for the year today. I was lucky that several teachers from my school were there, so I had lots to catch up with them:) It also made the training go by a lot faster than it would have! Going to this training today just made me realize how close we are to starting school, and I will be dragging my feet in the sand to go back this year! I've had such a wonderful summer with my family, and I have LOVED it. It was truly one of the most relaxing summers I've had in a while!

So with that little wake-up call, I decided I needed to start working on more things for my classroom!
This is for all my pirate-theme friends! I made my Where Are We? Door signs with pirate kids:) There really isn't too much to say about it since I already posted about them here!

If you like these, you can get them in my TpT store HERE.

OR you can get them in my Teacher's Notebook store HERE

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Lisa R. said...

This is perfect!! I definitely will be buying these in the near future!! :)
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