Friday, August 17, 2012

Sneak Peek

I wanted to show you guys just a quick look at my room so far! I'm not even close to being finished, so you will have to excuse the mess and just bear with me! Again, sorry for the bad iPhone pictures. I have GOT to get our camera fixed! 

My pirate chart

Alphabet Line

As I was taking pictures of things around the room, I heard my one year old saying, "cheee" so I had to take his picture:) Excuse the mess! My teacher area has been one of the more neglected areas so far:)

Got this idea off Pinterest! (where else) I zip-tied two crates together (got those at Target) to create a place for groups to keep journals, markers, crayons, and trash can. I got the trash can at Dollar Tree, and I want the kids to use them when they are working on projects at their desk. I'm hoping this will cut down on paper on the floor, and frequent trips to the large trash can! I'll have a student empty the trash cans everyday for their job.

This is a closer look at one of the bulletin boards. I'm going to dedicate this board to my Objectives/Focus Wall. We have to have our objectives posted each week, so I tried to think of an easier way to do this than writing them out each day. I made these cards, and I will just flip them each week to match the objective for the week! Did I mention I'm moving down to second grade? YES new adventure. Don't worry, I completely plan to keep posting things third grade related! I don't think you can tear that out of me so easily:) So these cards are made with second grade objectives (in Texas). If you need third grade ones, Amanda at One Extra Degree has a great set! She is one of the blogs I follow over on the right.

I can't take any credit for this! My husband is a rockstar!! He did ALL of this for me! What a stud. This is the back wall in my room. I've tried making this a functional wall, but it's so high and SO DIFFICULT to move things around on it that it's better off being a focal piece for the room. 

Unfinished library area. I'll call it "Pirate Cove." I'm also taking down those lanterns, and I'll be using those for group signs.

Well there you have it so far! I still have so much to do, but it's a start!


Heather Temske said...

It looks great. I love your husband's handiwork.

room 4 imagination

Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

It looks great so far!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Kody and Corby Brooks said...

Katy, your room is looking amazing!!! Love, love, love all your pirate stuff and of course the cute picture of Levi! :-)

Miss Pham :] said...

Hi I am your newest follower! LOVE YOUR husbands work!! Can you share where you got those letters that says "Ahoy welcome to the crew'" please! I want to make that for my classroom =)

stickers and staples said...

HI! I got them at a teacher store called "Mardel's". I'm sure you could find them at any teacher store in your area!! Thank you for your compliments:)