Thursday, August 16, 2012

Take Home Folder Available

Sorry for the lack of posting! I have been working in my classroom every chance I can get! I've been trading the kids with my husband each day so I can get a few hours work done! I almost forgot how EXHAUSTING setting up your classroom is! I think I take a 15  30 minute nap every day when I get home. I'm hoping to have some pictures for you very soon...but I've had to move classrooms this year so my room is a WRECK. There would not be anything to post except junk spread out on the tables:)

I wanted to send a little note to tell you guys that I've made the items for my take home folders available in my TpT store! I didn't realize anyone would want it, but I got a few emails asking where they could get the materials for the folders. SO if you are interested, you can get that HERE.

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