Saturday, August 11, 2012

Take Home Folders and B2S SALE!

I'm sure you have all heard, but TpT is having their annual Back to School Sale beginning tomorrow! Everything in my store will be 20% off, AND you can get an extra 10% off if you use the code BTS12. Happy shopping everyone! I'm so excited to purchase some things that have been sitting on my wish list far too long!

I also wanted to show you guys what I have been working on the past two days...take home folders. Our principal has always given us planners for the kids, so I never had to worry too much about this. I was able to record their behavior for the day and communicate with parents all in one book.  Unfortunately I'm not getting planners this year, so I had to come up with something that will work for me!

Here is what I've decided to do:

I used Deanna Jump's idea for the P.I.R.A.T.E. folder and made a label to go on the front.

Here is what it will look like when they open the folder. On the right is  a yearly calendar (that will be printed on card stock) put in pocket sleeves. I will use the calendar to write down behavior for the 
day. On the left is the pocket for homework.

The small label shows a picture of the behavior chart (my pirate-themed one) from the classroom, and our classroom rules. I will color (or write the letter) for where the student's clip was that day on the chart. If they broke a rule, I will also write the number for the rule they broke. I want parents to initial the calendar every night.

Here is an example of what the calendar will look like:

This student had great days except on Thursday, the 30th.  I wrote a "1" because they did not follow directions. Parents should initial this every night.

I think I will really like having this visual for several months at a time! On the label I wrote letters next to the behavior chart because I understand that some days I'm in a big hurry and might not have time to mark everyone's calendar with a highlighter/marker.

Behind the calendar will be a pocket sheet with a sign for important papers. This is where I will put permission forms, things to sign, etc. 

Behind that I made pages for parent communication. I like having all of this in one place! 

I'm still trying to decide about this one. I really don't want to go out and buy a class set of pencil bags, so I'll probably use baggies. This is where students will put money and other important items that could easily fall out of the folder. I folded over the bottom of a large baggie and punched holes through it so it wouldn't tear as easily. 

Finally, in the back pocket I will have a place for papers that need to stay home! Flyers, letters, etc. 

So there it is! I plan to make between 25-30 folders so I don't have to worry if one gets lost, or if I get a new student. It's just nice to have those kinds of things ready to go! 


Courtney said...

I love this!! Looks great! I almost like this better than our planner! haha
Teaching in Paradise

Katie said...

Hey. I love your pirate folders. I am doing the same theme this year and would love all your stuff for the folders. I looked on your teacher pay teacher account and didn't see it. Would you mind making it available??? You would be saving me so much time!! My email is If you decide to make it aviable will you email me and let me know. Thank you so much!!

Rebecca Palmer said...

Hi! I just ran across your blog because I am planning on doing a Pirate themed classroom next year, and I LOVE your PIRATE folders! I was wondering the same thing as Katie above and would LOVE to have the stuff! Have you made it available on your TPT store? If you could email me at and let me know if you're selling or lending it out, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Mrs. Lovegren said...

Hello! I just found your blog and also am in love with your folder ideas! Not sure if I am going with a pirate theme but would be interested in the calendar, etc. I can't wait to spend more time learning how you run centers, etc. My email is ( - if you have a chance to let me know about your folder documents. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas! :)


Anonymous said...

Is there any way that you could make these labels and the calendar available on TPT or email it to me. I have purchased your clip chart and would love this to supplement it. My email is Thanks so much!

Jamie said...

Great ideas:) It looks like you use the plastic folders? If you do, do you try and use these year after year? I just bought plastic folders for take home and wondering if I should just mark with their numbers or names. Not sure if they would stand up more than one year.

stickers and staples said...

Hi Jamie! I did use plastic folders this year. I had a HUGE range of folders that were 'done' and folders that were in good shape. It depended on how the student took care of it. I ended up making the decision to let the kids take the folders home because I didn't have a class set of "good" ones at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

I am also in love and wanted to create a folder system for my pirate theme. Could you send me the calendar and labels or tell me where to find them? I would really appreciate it, I just stumbled onto your site and you have so much creativity and organization; I love it!!

AMA said...

Love this organizational idea! This is so simple and easy to use. However, I am not using a pirate theme in my room. Would you be willing to edit this to make it more theme neutral? Or if I purchase it on you tpt page am I able to edit out the pirates? Please let me know :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I was hoping you wouldn't mind sending out the templates you used for the folders. They look organized!! My e-mail is:

Sarah said...

I love this folder idea! I checked on your TPT but didn't see this listed there for sale. Would you be willing to post it or e-mail me the template?

Thank you!!

Carmen said...

I love this and would like to use it next school year. Could you please email me the current year 13-14? I will be so greatful.
This take home folders are amazing and easy for the parents to communicate with teachers. :)

Carmen said...

Could you please send this school year template (2013-2014)? We would appreciate it. The take home folders are so organized and well put together. If you put it on TPT would you let us know. Thanks.

Alane Barker said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your calendar template. Where could we find one?

stickers and staples said...

Hi! You can find it in my TPT store! I have a button on the right side of my blog that will take you there:)


Christy Forester said...

Hi! I love the font on your Parent Communication sheet. What is it?