Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Few Highlights From the Week

We began Math Workshop! Here is the technology rotation. On this day I let them take turns on . They love that website! Soon I will have a lesson for them to listen to on the computer, but I just haven't gotten that far yet:) 

We began searching for sight words! Every Monday, I present our 3-4 sight words for the week. While they are reading independently, they look for these sight words in their book. They write down their sight words on a chart I made. I left it at school, but I will have a copy of the chart for you tomorrow! 

We did this AWESOME activity from Amy Lemons at Step Into Second Grade! She has this for FREE here. Each day we talked about what writers write, what they write about, things to remember when we write, etc. They wrote them all down in this little booklet, and now they have a CUTE packet to reference when the creative juices just aren't flowing! 

We worked on our reading workshop binders, and the kiddos started filling out their reading logs! 

We started Graph of the Week! Here is the beginning of our Ice Cream Graph. You can read all about how we do this in our classroom (and snag a FREEBIE) here. 

That's it so far! I'm slowly starting to put everything together, and figure out this whole second grade world! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and I'll talk with you all very soon! 

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Car Window Stickers said...

I really like your ideas for the kids. Great things for them to learn and great examples to use for teaching!