Monday, September 10, 2012

Reading Workshop Binder

As promised, here is what my reading workshop binder looks like for my kiddos! 

Last year, I invested in the plastic binders at Walmart. They actually lasted the entire year, and I'm able to use them again this year! So not a bad investment at all!! I believe it only cost me around $20. Each binder is numbered with the student's number. These binders also stay in their book box.

I only have 4 binder tabs: Log, Goals, Response, and Genre.

Behind the first tab is for their reading log. This is where they record the books they are reading each day. I took Beth Newingham's idea for a reading log and simplified it a little bit for my kids. They write the title, author, color code (their color level in my library that matches their DRA level), and they mark E, JR, or H to tell me if the book was easy, just right, or hard for them to read! 

I have a few pages behind the Goals tab. The first one is where I keep a record of my meetings with the kids. I have a page that I keep in my own binder, but I think it's important for them to have a copy of what we talked about so they can always reference it. I know this is hard to read, but the first box says "What I Struggle With." The second box says, "How I'm going to fix it." The third box says, "My goal." The final box says "I did it!" In the last box I write the date they accomplished their goal.

Also behind the Goals tab is where I write their DRA level. They get to watch themselves grow throughout the year as they see their DRA level increase! 

I don't have a picture of them, but behind the Response tab, the kids place all of their reading response pages. I usually collect them at the end of the week for a grade! I use some pages I've made, and I also use The Teacher Wife's Reading Comprehension Worksheets.

Behind the Genres tab is where I keep reference pages and activities we work on for each genre. The page you see below is from my Reading Genre Posters set.

So that is a close look at what our binders look like! We just set them up today, so you are seeing a blank copy. As the year goes on, I'll post more pictures with the pages filled out! 


4321Teach said...

Thank you so much for posting about your binders. Your information is very helpful. I am looking forward to seeing them as the student use them.

Antoinette :)

ScienceGal said...

Interesting idea to have individual reading folders rather than a large binder....would make it easier for conferencing for sure...hmmmm