Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last week...82 degrees. This week...40 degrees. WELCOME to Texas! Seriously? This weather couldn't be any crazier if it tried. Lots of runny noses and coughing in this area. I snapped this picture of a bit of snow on the ground at my school Monday morning! I know it isn't much, but in Texas we have to count it:)

Throughout all this weather craziness, we have been busy bees in my room! It's been so busy I haven't been able to snap too many pictures, but I will show you what I have! 

We worked on 2d and 3d shapes for a week! Here are my kiddos working in a center with the classic toothpicks and marshmallows! They are filling out worksheets from Amy Lemon's Shapin' Up packet. It's fabulous and well worth the money! 

My teaching assistant that I get for about 45 minutes each day is a FABULOUS tree decorator! He decorated the tree for our school" 

 In Reading, we completed an author study on Robert Munsch for two weeks. My kids L.O.V.E.D. this! His books are so funny, and the kids couldn't get enough of them. Here is the bulletin board in my classroom where I posted pictures of the books we read throughout our study. 

I purchased these two units: Teaching With Robert Munsch from Amy Lemons and Robert Munsch Author Study Super Pack.  by Just Reed. Both packets are awesome, and I was able to mix and match things I wanted to use! I made quite a few quizzes for the books so I could get some good reading grades, and then I used activities from these packets to enhance the study. 

 I was Pinterest inspired and decorated my classroom door: 

I've also been a little M.I.A. this holiday season because I've been spending a lot of quality time with my sons! I'm only getting these precious years with them for a little while before it disappears! I wish they could stay little forever! (ok maybe not forever but you get the picture:))


Lindsay W. said...

Where do I find Amy Lemon's Shapin Up packet? Thanks!

stickers and staples said...

Lindsay, Here is the link: