Sunday, March 17, 2013

Idea and Laminator

I know this is a little LOT late, but I wanted to show you a cheap way I handled Valentines Day this year. Honestly, the budget at our house just didn't allow for me to buy all these cute valentines, create homemade, amazing, awesome, cute things from pinterest, etc. So I made something for free...bookmarks. I whipped them up on my computer, printed them off on card stock, had the kids color them, and then I laminated them. The kids actually LOVED them and are happy to have something useful they can use every day. 

How did I laminate these so fast you might ask? 

Scotch Thermal Laminator. 
I asked for one of these for Christmas. At first I kept it at my house, but then I realized I was just dragging stuff home from school to laminate then bringing it right back. So I decided to bring it to school and it has been AMAZING! If I want to create a center or laminate bookmarks, I can have it done in about 5 minutes! SO NICE. The refill packets are around $15 for 100 on amazon. I'm also pretty sure the laminator sells for around $30. This is definitely a purchase/present I am super happy with! 

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