Saturday, March 16, 2013

ALL ABOARD! The Money Train

So my littlest woke up with pink eye this morning! Ugh! I can't think of anything worse. They feel absolutely fine, but you can't go ANYWHERE or do ANYTHING outside of the house. (not to mention my eyes all of a sudden feel very itchy! :)) Of course we are super busy this weekend, and we even have a wedding for a good friend tonight. Oh well...I'm grateful we had a great spring break without it!

Anyways, I'm writing venting about the littlest because he gave me the idea for this next unit. He is obsessed with a train song from the Disney Channel. He actually says, "too too train" and it's SO CUTE! I attempted money with my sweet seconds earlier this year and it was a DISASTER. Not a good idea. At all. So I knew I wanted to revisit it after spring break. One day my littlest was singing his song, and it just hit me! What a great idea for a money unit....TRAINS. So that is when I created:

I thought it would be a fun way for my kids to review/learn money as a train of coins with the values increasing with each car. I'm super excited to get started on it next week! I already have most of the pages printed, copied, and stapled for Monday. I included posters, worksheets, matching games, word problems and more. Here is the preview:

I hope this might get some ideas churning in your head if you are approaching money soon. If you are interested in what I made, you can get it in my TpT store HERE.

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