Monday, March 4, 2013

Lucky Lengths Makeover

I just wanted to let you know my Lucky Lengths (the one with a St. Patrick's Day theme) packet has had a total makeover! It's almost embarrassing to look at the items you create when you are a beginner, isn't it?! This one definitely needed a change, so if you have already purchased it you can just download it again for the new look. If you are interested in the packet, you can get it in my TpT store! Here is a sneak peek at some of the new pages:

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Laura said...

Katy, I SO hear you!! I have been trying to redo a lot of my teacher products, because I am like what?! Really Laura? lol.. I also hope I start having time to make more as well since I want to continue to increase :) Your activities look amazing and I am sure buyers will be heading for your store asap!!

Laura Love to Teach