Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back to School Phone Book

Hello blogging friends! I worked really hard the past few days to get this out to you guys before some of you go back to school very soon! I kept up my iPhone theme from Mother's Day, and decided to make one for Back to School! It made sense to me since each app could represent something different for the kids to work on the first day! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and hope you like it, too! I'm planning to have it laying on their desks when they come in the first day. This will help keep them busy while I sort out their supplies, talk with parents, etc. Here is what is on the phone:

Rules-students come up with rules for the class, or there is a page where you can give them the rules.

Schedule- your daily schedule

About Me- questions for kids to answer about themselves and their family

Reading & Math- reading and math surveys. Also a page about their favorite book.

Grading & Homework-your policies on grades and homework

Travel- they tell you how they get to school

Glance at the Year- they write down what they want to learn, or you can tell them what they will be learning and they will circle which ones they are looking forward to.

About Your Teacher- questions for you to answer about yourself

Just for Fun- a few pages for the kids to complete for fun (word search, coloring, following directions)

You can get this in my TpT store HERE


You can get this in my brand new Teacher's Notebook store HERE.

I hope you are all enjoying these last few days of summer! It's always so sad to see it go:( I saw this and thought it was pretty funny and TRUE:

I'm off to spend a beautiful Saturday with my family! 

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Tammy Holliday said...

I just love the phone/pad cover that you have created. I am looking for something very similar to use to create a behavior management plan for my son who has special needs and is really struggling in the classroom. Would you be willing to sell or send the cover sheet that I could edit? (Not sure if this is possible due to copy write rules...just thought I'd ask.) Thanks. Tammy