Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Students

I got a new student today. My school has students coming and going all year long, so this isn't surprising at all. I had the lowest number of students on my team, so I knew I would be the first one to get a new student. Usually when I get a new kiddo I groan a little inside because of all the work I know I'm going to have to do that day. Collect supplies, write on folders, give them spirals and notebooks for everything, create their home folder, etc. It's exhausting! 

This year I got a little smarter. As I was writing on my kids' folders and spirals the first day of school, I steadily made several extras. I put all the folders together and made new student sets.  Let me tell you that it made today a BREEZE!! All I had to do was reach into this hanging file folder, pull out all the supplies and hand it to my new student. I decided to store the packets here in this bin:

Soon I'll add a cute label to the front, but that is far down my list of things to do:)

Here is an example of what is inside. Take-home binder, writing journal, math folder, etc.

I just wanted to throw that tip out there for anyone else who might find it useful! 

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