Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Box Label Update and Sale!

I feel like I have been working on this forever!!! I thought this would be a quick update to my book box labels, but it turned into a two week project! It actually turned into one of those where I swore my computer was growing horns and an evil tail! I got to the point I didn't want to go near it:) 

I was asked to create a few more genres for the file, and I was happy to do so! That was a breeze, and I'm really happy with the additions. I added 7 more genres: World History, Social Studies (2 different labels), Traditional Literature, Animals, Transportation, Scary Stories, and Good Character. So if you have already bought the book box labels, make sure you download the updated file! 

THEN came the idea to create label stickers for the books. This is so I can stick a matching label onto every book I have so the kids know what box to put the book in. I had been wanting to do it for a long time, and I had been approached about it several I decided to dive in! It was soooo tedious, and took me forever to get them done! I think I will have to buy glasses for myself with all the squinting and maneuvering I had to do with those little boxes! However, they turned out great, and I am SO glad to have them done:) 

I didn't make these stickers specific to picture/chapter books because the file would have been outrageously huge! SO I'm working on adding different products that feature stickers with picture books, and stickers with chapter books. For now, if you are interested in labels with just the genre on them, you can check them out here.

Here are my Book Box Labels in use:

Here is what the sticker looks like on the book that belongs in Animal Characters. I chose to put it at the upper left hand corner because I like the idea of it being on the front, and it is away from where kids will have their hands while turning the pages:) 

Here is a sample of one of the labels printed out

The labels need to be printed on 1" x 2 5/8" address labels. Here is a picture of what I used:

SO in honor of all this hard work, I'm going to put these two items on sale 15% off for the next 2 days ONLY(Friday and Saturday)! Here are the links to take you there:

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lights, Camera, Contractions!

I am definitely in summer mode! I thought I would be working on school stuff a TON during my time off, but my kids have given me other plans:) I am cleaning, cooking, swimming, and playing ALL day! I'm happy that I have knocked out some big projects around the house these past few weeks, but they have left me exhausted. I've successfully completed about 4 Pinterest recipes that have been calling my name for the past month! Here are three of them that I did ALL on Father's Day! Needless to say my husband was a happy man:)

These were baked Monte Cristo sandwiches...they were just ok!

There is only one word for this...AMAZING!

I made this Saturday night, and popped it in the oven Sunday morning. DELICIOUS! It was a great Father's Day breakfast!

So the only time I've been able to work on things for school have been at night when my kids go to bed. I've successfully finished up my contractions unit that I began several months ago! I think it is one of those that I could work on forever and never feel satisfied with it. However, I'm happy with the 56 pages I've done so far, and it is up in my store! I made it with a movie theme because I love movies, and the possibilities are endless as far as activities to do! Here is a preview, and if you click on the picture it will take you to my store!

Here are pictures of some the activities included in the packet. Sorry about this picture, I'm not quite sure how to rotate it! 

File Folder Game

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Father's Day Phone Book

This project was such a hit with Mother's Day that I decided to create one for Father's Day! My kids had a blast making these phone books for their moms, and I have to admit that I loved their creativity and thoughtfulness! My kids came up with some REALLY neat ideas for apps, and I LOVED reading all the sweet notes to their moms as I assembled their books for them! I've also enjoyed all the great feedback from everyone on the phone books, and even different ways teachers are coming up with to use the phone template! Some GREAT ideas:)

You can find the Father's Day Phone Book here

Here is a look at what my kids did with their Mother's Day Phone Books

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer is Here!!!!

I just couldn't pass up posting this picture of my youngest son at the splash pad this past weekend! He just turned one in April, and the little stinker refuses to walk! Oh well, he isn't bothered by it, and had a blast crawling around everywhere! So I'm hoping to spend a lot of time with my boys this summer, update some files, create new files, and just RELAX!! Last summer I was cooped up in the house with a newborn trying to recover from a c-section. SO this summer I'm determined to be more productive, and have some fun with my family! 

I'm hoping to add a lot to my TpT store, so I'm apologizing in advance if this blog just becomes a big promotion spot in the next month!! I'll do my best to drag my brain back to 'teaching land' and post about ideas/strategies I find helpful! I hope everyone is doing well! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Edward Tulane

I LOOOOVVEEE this book! I read this book to my students every year, and each year I take away something different from the story. It is such a sweet story of a rabbit's unwanted journey that ends up changing him in ways he never thought possible. I laugh, cry, and smile all the way through this book with my kids!

Usually I come up with random discussion questions as we go through the book, but this year I decided to make a study guide! It made each day really easy, and I was WAY more prepared to have meaningful conversation with them. The packet includes vocabulary words, questions, retelling, comparing/contrasting, etc. I used it the last 6 weeks with my kids, and they really seemed to enjoy the pages! I enjoyed going over the answer with the kids since it brought up so many discussion points! I tweaked the study guide and posted it in my TpT store today! Here is the preview below. You can click on the picture, and it will take you right to it!